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Shana E. Shaw

Your Current Reigning FACES OF GLOBAL CHANGE America 2020-21

Hello! My name is Shana and I am delighted to be your National Director. A little about me…

I have an Associates of Arts Degree with Concentration in Accounting. My background is extensive in bookkeeping, financing, business administration, website building, graphic design, data entry, sales & customer service. I am a problem solver and my motto is – “There is no problem too big to solve!”

I own two ASPCA adopted fur babies, Genevieve & Tubby; my beautiful little chihuahuas. With family & friends who have had current or past medical issues along the lines of Arthritis, Cancer Diabetes, Down Syndrome & Autism, I founded the Shana E. International Scholarship Program & Productions to raise funds and bring awareness to these causes that are near and dear to me. My non-profit program officially produces the Miss Infinity® AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA & UNITED KINGDOM national pageants; which is not only focused on the above causes but also on awarding scholarships!

Thank you, Shana


Int’l Office: 607 Taliput Palm Place, Henderson, NV 89011

Nat’l Office:

Int’l Office: (702) 408-5557


Miss Infinity® AMERICA | Miss Infinity® AUSTRALIA

Miss Infinity® CANADA | Miss Infinity® UNITED KINGDOM

Copyright Miss Infinity® United Kingdom 2020 – All rights reserved; Recruiting done by Faces of Global Change® photo contests. Each are Officially produced by the Shana E. International Scholarship Program & Productions, Inc. (82-5362846)

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